Expired Listings & For Sale By Owners

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Six Figure Expired Listing and FSBO Handwritten Letter System

Lars Hedenborg talks about his handwritten letter program to expired listings and for sale by owners that has consistently brought in 100k to 300k in GCI each year. This ONE letter program is simple, yet powerful. See a sample letter you can model. Learn what the envelope looks like for highest open rate. Plus see and hear the script you can use to convert the call from the seller into a listing appointment. And get the conversion rates so you can plan your successful campaign. Lars Hedenborg is with Keller Williams in Charlotte, North Carolina. He sold 453 homes worth 117 million in one year. Read More

Agent Personally Sells 130-150 Homes Per Year By Listing Expireds and FSBOs

Bernie Gallerani talks about how he personally sells 130 to 150 homes per year by listing expireds and for sale by owners. Bernie dives deep into his approach: why he contacts these prospects, how he does it, scripts demonstrations and role play. Plus he reveals a free script library. Learn how to create doubt and desire in the prospect's mind that results in "now" appointments instead of "another" follow up call later. Bernie Gallerani is with Re/Max in Hendersonville, Tennessee. He sold 297 homes worth 73 million in one year. Read More

12 Ways To Find Phone Numbers And Email Addresses For Expireds, FSBOs, Farms, SOI

Jeff Quintin talks about how to find phone numbers and email addresses for expired listings, for sale by owners, geographic farms, sphere of influence, networks, and more.  Discover 12 sources for phone and email addresses.  Plus 3 ways to quickly build a database of your friends, family, and acquaintances. Jeff Quintin is Keller Williams Realty in Ocean City, New Jersey. He sold 219 homes worth 139 million in one year. Read More

Expired Listing Program That Results In 60 To 75 Closings Per Year

Jeff Quintin talks about his expired listing program that results in 60 to 75 closings per year and over 600k in GCI (50k per month).  Jeff likes to make phone calls and follow up with text messages, voice mails, and emails.  Jeff shares:  how he reseaches the contact info (owner name, address, phone, and email), script and role play for the initial call including friendly and angry seller, script he uses to eliminate his competition and get the seller to ignore other agents, and the software he uses for tracking and automating follow up (Infusionsoft, Agent Legend, Real Geeks) including samples. Jeff Quintin is with Keller Williams in Ocean City, New Jersey. He sold 219 homes worth 139 million in one year. Read More