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Radio Ads That Use Humor And Make You A Celebrity In Your Market

Justin Myer talks about his radio ads that use humor (and also serious topics) to create a cult of celebrity in his market. People feel more connected to him and it's easier for him to get hired. Plus he can directly attribute enough closings to pay for the entire cost. Discover how he tracks results, gains recognition, budgets for ads (including total and individual ad cost), best time slots, station placement, ideal ad duration, doing your own script writing and voice, frequency of change, and tricks for recording. Plus hear a sample humor ad and find out what "magic word" gets an increase in response. Justin Myer is with Lethbridge Real Estate in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. He sold 284 homes worth 78 million in one year. Read More

TV Ad That Exposes Public To The Risks Of Working With An iBuyer And Brings In Listings

Linda shows us her professional looking TV ad commercial that she produced inexpensively and runs for just $20 per 30 second spot on multiple stations. Linda was tired of iBuyers luring in homesellers with a quick sale, but not telling them about the huge discounts required. She fought back with a TV ad. Now sellers are informed, agents want to co-op, and her team loves the effort. By limited the broadcast of her ad to a narrow focus target audience, she dramatically reduced the price while simultaneously increasing it's effectiveness. See her entire sample ad. Find out how she got the exactly look she wanted by using local talent. Also by keeping the rights to the video, she was able to run the ad on her YouTube channel (14,600 views) and Facebook post for extra cross promotion. Linda Craft is with Linda Craft & Team REALTORS in Raleigh, North Carolina. She sold 414 homes worth 103 million in one year. Read More

Television Ads That Result In Listings For $576 Each And A 7-To-1 ROI

Paul Wheeler talks about his impressive television ad campaign that generated 500 seller leads last year at an average cost of $144 per lead.  He listed 25% of the leads ... or 125 listings at an average cost of $576 per listing.  TV works for high volume ... and can be started for about $1,000 per month.  Paul talks about bookend ads, stacking, best show to advertise on, production, best USP to promote, ad costs, a service that saves time for no cost, and shows us 4 of his best TV commercials.  Plus the "8 word script" he added that skyrocketed results.  Paul is with Accent Realtors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He sold 248 homes worth 35 million in one year. Read More