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Past Client & Sphere Of Influence

The #1 source of leads for top agents is repeats & referrals from your friends, family, and past clients. 

Need an approach? Check out these trainings with marketing plans, referral scripts, drip campaigns, client parties & events, networking groups, and more.

Internet Leads

Most top agents have some type of internet lead program in place. Some purchase leads. Others generate their own. Learn about both.

Trainings include: pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), internet data exchange (IDX), Facebook ads, Google AdWords, lead conversion techniques, and more.

Expired Listings & For Sale By Owners

Finding listings fast is easy … when you know where the sellers are. Expired listings and FSBOs are raising their hand and looking for an agent.

Need an approach? Watch these trainings that include: database services, campaigns, postcards, letters, packages, scripts, and unique target groups.

Geographic Farming

It’s an old idea. Establish yourself as the neighborhood specialist. Most agents abandoned it when the internet arrived. The agents who stuck with it … got big … real big.

Trainings include: finding your farm (size, turnover, profitability), marketing schedule, sample mail pieces (newsletters, postcards, notepads, lumpy mail), and more.

Open Houses

Bring home buyers (and sellers) to you. Pick your price range, neighborhood you want to work, and clientele by the homes you select to hold open.

Learn about: which homes are the best, what time and day is best, how to promote & market the open house for the biggest turnout, how to get guest contact info, and scripts for converting guests into clients.

Radio & TV 

When top agents need a huge flow of high quality seller leads, they turn to radio and television ads. But you have to be careful … some ads work a lot better than others. 

Trainings include: sample ads, scripts, best stations (and those to avoid), best times of day, how to negotiate rates, and the pros and cons of all in one services.

Lead Conversion

The #1 requirement for a healthy real estate practice is … lead generation. The #2 requirement is … lead conversion. Top agents know “the fortune is in the follow up”. Find out what works to turn your leads into clients, closings, and commission checks.

Trainings include: scripts, drip campaigns, follow up plans, and use of leverage with Inside Sales Agents and Lead Coordinators.

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Where did the idea for come from?

Meet Mike Cerrone

Mike Cerrone has been where you are.

From new agent … to stuggleing veteran … to team leader … to managing broker … to broker/owner … to semi-retired … Mike has walked in your shoes.

At his peak, Mike listed 21 homes in 30 days, sold 113 homes in one year, and was ranked in the Top 300 Salespeople in the nation by the National Association of Realtors Magazine.

Through it all, Mike learned one very valuable lesson: leads are the lifeblood of every successful agent. Without a consistent flow of quality leads, you won’t last long.

Mike spent his career searching for new and better ways to find motivated home buyers and sellers. He discovered the best ideas by masterminding with other agents on the same quest.

Over the years, Mike accumulcated a treasure trove of lead generation methods. He took small ideas from many sources, cobbled them together, and designed his own custom system that matched his personality and resources.

Now he wants to offer that same opportunity to any agent who wants to learn, adapt, and grow.

Mike came up with the idea of a “buffet table” for lead generation training where agents can “pick and choose” the methods that work best for them and design their own custom, personalized, lead generation machine based on the best practices of the best agents.

Thus was born the idea for (Real Estate Agent Lead Generation TeleVision).

Ready to join us on our quest to find the best lead generation strategies and tactics?

The Mission Statement

Eliminate real estate agent failure due to a lack of quality lead flow.

Show aspiring agents how to connect with new home buyers and sellers while retaining relationships with their past clients based on the best practices and proven models of the top agents in the nation.

Empower agents to not only survive changing markets, but to thrive.

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