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Doubling Pay-Per-Click Lead Conversion With Whiteboard Videos And Getting 22-To-1 ROI

Lynda Anderson shares how she doubled her lead conversion of internet pay-per-click leads and achieved a 22-to-1 return-on-investment using whiteboard educational videos. See 3 sample whiteboard videos and understand why they work. Plus learn how Lynda changed her approach that doubled her PPC lead to closing conversion rate. Lynda Anderson is with Boulder Bay Realty Group in Valparaiso, Indiana. She sold 181 homes worth 30 million in one year. Read More

12 Lead Conversion Scripts and Process for New and Old Internet Leads

Jay Acker shares his 12 favorite lead conversion scripts (and process) for turning new and old internet leads into clients and closings. Learn scripts for initial conversation, introduction video, how to handle the 3 most common objections, the best probing questions to get prospects to open up, appointment setting, the only closed ended question you should ever ask, the feel felt found script, how to get out of a bad conversation, and much more. Find out how one agent closes 12-14 transactions per year calling old dead leads and bringing them back to life. Discover true conversion percentage, average nurturing time, real ROI, and maximum number of new leads one agent can handle effectively per month. Jay Acker is with Keller Williams in Denton, Texas. He sold 408 homes worth 98 million in one year. Read More

Best Text Message Follow Up Script To Turn Buyer Leads Into Showing Appointments

Matt Curtis converts buyer leads into showing appointments with a simple text message. This short script is his highest response rate message. Use it as a template for either your single or mass blast text message follow up campaigns when yuou need more buyer showing appointments. Matt Curtis is with Matt Curtis Real Estate in Huntsville, Alabama. He sold 1085 homes worth 243 million in one year. Read More

Artificial Intelligence Re-Engages Old Leads And Converts Into 10 Appointments Per Month

Kevin Kauffman talks about using artificial intelligence (AI) to re-engage old dead leads and convert them into 10 appointments per month. This technology is very inexpensive and can be used with old and new leads alike. Basically, this technology "talks" to your leads "just like a human being" including misspelled words and broken thoughts. The key concept is that the AI Assistant follows up by email, text message, and social media just like a human assistant might. The artificial intelligence part is that it can hold a "conversation" with your people in real time and schedule it's own "next step" without your involvement. It simply notifies you when the lead wants to meet. So far, it appears to work. In a few months, the system re-engaged 5% of Kevin's dormant leads and is already setting 10 new appointments per month. Find out the name of the company and how you can hook it into your system. Kevin Kauffman is with eXp Realty in Tempe, Arizona. He sold 382 homes worth 79 million in one year. Read More

Delegate And Maximize Lead Conversion With An Inside Sales Agent (ISA)

Erik Hatch talks about the highest Return On Investment (ROI) in his business ... hiring an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) to convert leads into appointments, clients, and closings. An ISA can make you and your sales team exponentially more productive. His buyer agents are closing 36-90 homes per year and his listing agents are closing 65-115 homes per year. In the last 3 years, his ISA team has set 4,036 appointments that resulted in 1,226 closings and 8.1 million in GCI. Learn where to find an ISA, what DISC personality they should have (might surprise you), how to compensate (including how to get your buyer agents to pay for the cost), why he has a 90% retention rate, and what they should be saying on the phone (scripts). Erik Hatch is with Hatch Realty in Fargo, North Dakota.  He sold 652 homes worth 150 million in one year. Read More

Lead Conversion Mastery … Even Internet Leads Convert At 5.8%

Mitch Ribak talks lead conversion mastery ... including how he converts 5.8% of his internet leads to closings ... while the average agent nationally converts 0.5 %  of their internet leads ... making his method 12 times more effective. These methods work for ALL lead sources.  Mitch shares: scripts, follow up schedules, his focus lifestyle questions, why he ignores financial questions, his first call ... and the secret to ending the call, how too many follow up calls is detrimental, and his most productive follow up email.  Mitch Ribak is with Tropica Realty Beachside in Melbourne, Florida. He sold 640 homes worth 137 million in one year. Read More

Increase Lead Conversion By Up To 400% Then Leverage With An Inside Sales Agent

Don Wenner talks about how you can increase your personal lead conversion rate by up to 400% using simple techniques and systems.  He then expands on the idea and talks about leveraging your success (and your time) by hiring an Inside Sales Agent or Lead Coordinator.  Remember, the fortune is in the follow up.  Don is with DLP Realty in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He sold 507 homes worth 87 million in one year.

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How To Convert Internet Leads Into Clients At A Rate Of 4.8 %

Mitch Ribak talks about lead conversion from a team leader/manager perspective. While the industry average conversion rate for internet leads is 1-1.5%, Mitch has been at 3.2-4.8%. He’ll describe a way to increase your closings by 250% with the same number of leads, explain how many leads each buyer agent needs, and show you how he tracks his numbers and keeps his agents on track. Mitch is with Tropical Realty of Suntree in Melbourne, Florida. He sold 598 homes worth 80 million in one year.

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