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    • Past Clients
    • Sphere Of Influence
    • Internet Leads
    • Expired Listings
    • For Sale By Owners
    • Geographic Farming
    • Open Houses
    • Radio & TV
    • Lead Conversion
    • And More
  • Instant access to our $200.00 “Agent Lead Generation Summit Recordings” where 17 top agents answered this question in detail: “What is your #1 best lead generation method in today’s market?”  Watch the entire 15+ hour, step-by-step, tactical training course showing you how to generate leads anytime you want or need them
  • Unlimited access to private online mastermind group to network with like-minded real estate agents
  • Always updated! You’ll always stay updated on the latest strategies and tactics as NEW and EXCLUSIVE premium trainings and case studies are added as discovered
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There’s no risk. Cancel anytime. In fact, you don’t even have to contact us. Just login, hit the “cancel” button, and you’ll never, ever be re-billed. There’s a reason all our happy members trust! We are 100% transparent and simply here to serve you and help you create a true “cash flow” business that funds your life and dreams with consistent leads and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Is

A. = Real Estate Agent Lead Generation TeleVision.

It’s the #1 resource to show you exactly how to generate leads for your real estate practice anytime you want or need it.

Consistent lead flow equals consistent cash flow. is a huge database of video training focused exclusively on the most successful methods of lead generation for real estate agents.  It’s all in ONE place.

Plus, you have access to a private online mastermind group where you network with other aspiring agents who want to master lead generation … you help other agents … and have all your questions answered!

Q. What Topics Are Covered?

A: If it has to do with helping you generate leads and consistent cash flow, it’s in here.

How to get leads from: past clients, sphere of influence, repeat & referrals, networking groups, internet leads, expired listings. for sale by owners, geographic farming, open houses, radio & TV, lead conversion, and more.

We also take requests … so if there’s a new training you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll create it.

Q. How Often Is It Updated?

A: WHEN WE DISCOVER NEW IDEAS!  When we hear about an amazing new lead generation method, we will share it with you as a brand new training to keep you on the cutting-edge of “what’s happening now”.

Q. I'm A New Real Estate Agent. Is This Right For Me?

A: Yes. We have training for real estate agents at all phases of their business including beginner, veteran, team leader, and broker/owner.

You have INSTANT access to all our step-by-step tactical training videos including the $200.00 Agent Lead Generation Summit Recordings (17 top agents demonstrated their #1 best lead generation method in detail) … and it’s all included!

Q. Will I Get Overwhelmed?

A: Not at all. Our training is organized by topic … so you can get quick access to the specific training you need right now … or browse the topics and look for new ideas that you can add to your existing pipeline.

You do NOT need to watch ALL the training videos (although you can if you choose).  Look at it like a giant buffet … look over the tasty offerings … consume only the parts that look good to you today … and leave the rest for another day.

Just one new idea that results in one new closing … pays for this program for the next 10+ years.

Q. Do I Have To Sign A Long Term Contract? How Do I Cancel?

A: No! There’s no long-term contract. And you can easily cancel anytime by logging into your account and clicking the “cancel” button. There’s no need to even contact us, you have complete control of your account.

Q. Do You Offer Refunds?

A: Sorry. There are NO REFUNDS. is very, very, very inexpensive compared to the value it provides.  If you can not afford the small monthly investment, you should consider another career.  However, if you ever think the value is not meeting your expectations, you can easily cancel future charges anytime by logging into your account and clicking the “cancel” button. There’s no need to even contact us, you have complete control of your account.

Q. It Is So Inexpensive. What Is The Catch?

A: There are no up-sells and no catch. We wanted to create a true “no-brainer” resource for all aspiring real estate agents who want to master lead generation … and see lots of options … so you can easily custom design your own lead generation system to match your personality, budget, and marketplace.

Plus be part of a community of like-minded real estate agents networking, commenting, questioning, sharing, and helping each other … a true mastermind.

Hope you’ll join the community today … and become a master of the most important part of a successful real estate agent career … lead generation.

The 10X Pledge

We are 100% committed to your success. If you don’t believe is worth 10X your small investment of just $1 a day, you can cancel anytime and never be re-billed. In fact, you can simply login, cancel your account and never have to cancel directly with us. No hype. No upsells. No games. There’s zero risk and you’ll never get the runaround.  Join us today!

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